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MARC INBANE comes this fall with the ultimate gift for the holidays or just for you! With every purchase of a bottle MARC INBANE natural tanning spray (200ml) you now temporarily receive a FREE powder brush wrapped in a luxurious gift set!

Available in limited edition so be quick before we run out of stock!


MARC INBANE is a leading player in the world of tanning cosmetics. Celebrities derive their natural appearance from it and it is often used in shows of the major fashion houses. The brand has already won a number of impressive prizes and is currently being sold in over 40 countries. The luxury collection is daily used and recommended by leading hairdressers, make-up artists and dermatologists.



After missing their flight at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Ingo, Bart and Nele
were waiting for their next flight. To make time more pleasant, they watched all passers-by while enjoying a drink. Suddenly they noticed the appearance and posture of the departing and returning passengers. The returning passengers looked radiant, tanned and healthy, unlike the passengers who still had to depart. With the healthy appearance of the returning passengers in mind, the idea of a Natural Tanning Spray arose. A healthy and save way to enjoy a natural holiday tan throughout the year.

INgo, BArt and NEle mixed up their names and soon MARC INBANE was born!

Date of birth: 21th of April 2012