Published at: 17 November 2021

You know that you have to be careful with your skin. And you also know that MARC INBANE products support this. But there is also so much that you do not know when it comes to skin care and self-tanning. We update you with these frequently asked questions.

Is it useful to scrub in advance?
Not a must but an added value. Scrubbing removes impurities and dead skin cells, resulting in a more even tanning result and allowing you to enjoy that beautiful sun-kissed complexion even longer!

Tip: our Black Exfoliator facial scrub also works as a cleansing mask when left for 10 minutes!

How long does Perle de Soleil last?
Depending on your skin type and the dosage, the Perle de Soleil tan will last an average of 3 days. Simply blend the tanning drops with a moisturising cream. Oil-based creams can result in a lighter complexion.

Due to the unique design with user-friendly dosage system, you avoid product waste; the applicator systematically dispenses one drop of serum so you never use too much of the product. One applicator contains about 210 drops; this could mean, for example, that you can enjoy a beautiful glow for 6 months by using 4-5 drops twice a week.

Can anyone use Perle de Soleil?
Yes, Perle de Soleil is suitable for all skin types & tones and for daily use. So for him, her, pregnant women, but also people with skin diseases like psoriasis & eczema or people who aren’t allowed to go in the sun because of antibiotics and still want a natural summer tan, are grateful users.

It is not without reason that our drops are also used and recommended by dermatologists.

Can an allergic reaction occur?
The Perle de Solelil is based on natural ingredients, free from parabens, dermatologically tested and meets the strict EU regulations on cosmetic products. Until now, we have not experienced any allergic reactions, even on people with very sensitive skin. Yet it can always happen that someone reacts allergically to a natural ingredient. Therefore always read the ingredients on the packaging before using it.

Are there different colors of Perle de Soleil?
No, there is only one type of Perle de Soleil. Our tanning drops blend perfectly with your own natural skin colour, which makes multiple colours superfluous. As simple as that!

Can I combine Perle de Soleil with sunscreen?
Yes, you can! You can easily blend the tanning drops with your sunscreen. This combination gets rid of the white haze and you can immediately enjoy a beautiful sun-kissed glow! Wash your hands after use.

Fact: due to its pocket-size format, Perle de Soleil is ideal to take with you on holiday!

Will Perle de Soleil turn orange?
No, there is no carotene in our Perle de Soleil tanning drops. This substance causes an orange colour in many tanning products. So with us you don’t have to fear the well-known carrot effect.

Is Perle de Soleil comparable to the Natural Tanning Spray?
The Natural Tanning Spray is more intense. You can dose Perle de Soleil yourself to have a natural, brown complexion.

How do I dose Perle de Soleil?

  • First cleanse the skin.
  • Turn the lower part of the applicator to activate the dosage system.
  • Blend the desired number of drops with your usual amount of cream in the palm of your hand and distribute evenly onto the desired skin area(s)
  • Wash your hands after use

After 3 hours the tanning will be fully absorbed. After this you can shower again, exercise etc.

For tanning the face use:
2 to 3 drops = a healthy glow.
4 to 5 drops = a radiant sun-drenched complexion!

“Great product. Easy to apply and very natural brown!”

Chantal M.,

“A beautiful self-tanner, pleasant to use and suitable for vitiligo”

Lauri, Skin Therapist

“The best tanning products in the world! Nice natural result and always satisfied customers in the salon after purchase.”

Alex H., Alex' Beautystudio

“Super product! The best self-tanner that I have ever used, very easy to apply with that glove, does not stick and gives a natural tan. I am a fan!”

Kristine V,

“Been to the fair in Hardenberg. Super product and SUPER staff!”

Anne-marie V,

“I am very enthusiastic about the MARC INBANE natural tanning spray. He just does exactly what he promises! It is easy to apply (although I do so with such a glove and a brush, I think I will not get the best effect without it), is economical to use, gives a very nice tanned effect, does not smell too intense and it is a Dutch product that also cares for your skin.”



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