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You know that you have to be careful with your skin. And you also know that MARC INBANE products support this. But there is also so much that you do not know when it comes to skin care and self-tanning. We update you with these frequently asked questions.

Is it useful to scrub in advance?
Yes, a scrub removes impurities and dead skin cells, resulting in a more even tanning result and you retain your complexion longer.

How long does Perle de Soleil last?
Depending on your skin type and the dosageof the product, the Perle de Soleil stays on average for 3 days.

Can anyone use Perle de Soleil?
Yes, the Perle de Soleil is suitable for all skin types. Even pregnant women or people who are not allowed in the sun or under the sunbed for medical reasons can use the drops.

Can an allergic reaction occur?
The Perle de Solelil is based on natural ingredients, free from parabens, dermatologically tested and meets the strict EU regulations on cosmetic products. Until now, we have not experienced any allergic reactions, even on people with very sensitive skin. Yet it can always happen that someone reacts allergically to a natural ingredient. Therefore always read the ingredients on the packaging before using it.

Are there different colors of Perle de Soleil?
No, there is only one type of Perle de Soleil. It is suitable for all skin tones. These drops stimulate your own natural color.

Will Perle de Soleil turn orange?
No, carotene is not used in the Perle de Soleil. This ingredient provides an orange color in many tanning products. With us you don't have to be afraid of the well-known orange effect.

Is Perle de Soleil comparable to the Natural Tanning Spray?
The Natural Tanning Spray is more intense. You can dose Perle de Soleil yourself to have a natural, brown complexion.

How do I dose Perle de Soleil?
Perle de Soleil can be used daily in the day cream, body lotion and sunscreen, this way the color can be retained. We recommend 1 to 2 drops to maintain the complexion, and 3 to 4 drops to strengthen the tan. You can dose the drops depending on your skin type.

“Great product, super happy that I can sell this product in our salon!”

Chan Ny, De Channerie

“The best tanning products in the world! Nice natural result and always satisfied customers in the salon after purchase.”

Alex H., Alex' Beautystudio

“In 1 word! SUPER! I really recommend it to everyone! One thing is certain, the customer is central and the team does its best to keep its customers happy! Really a super service!”

Kevin B,

“Fantastic product !! Naturally beautiful brown color! Glad I can sell it in my salon !!”

Leida's Hairfashion, Leida's Hairfashion

“The Marc Inbane Natural Tanning Spray has pleasantly surprised me. I usually have doubts, what can such a spray do more than the others? Moreover, I am afraid of spots, afraid of a orange effect (orange undertone). In short, I was a bit wary. The spray itself smells very nice, a bit sweet. I think the result is really great! I did not expect that I would see so much difference with my lightly tinted skin, but it looks like I have had a well-deserved weekend at the beach. It looks smooth and flawless and most importantly: very natural!”


“The best tanning products in the world! Nice natural result and always satisfied customers in the salon after purchase.”

Alex H., Alex' Beautystudio


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