Published at: 1 December 2021

You know that you have to be careful with your skin. And you also know that MARC INBANE products support this. But there is also so much that you do not know when it comes to skin care and self-tanning. We update you with these frequently asked questions.

Is it smart to scrub in advance?
Yes. A scrub removes impurities and dead skin cells, creating a more even tanning result and you are able to keep your tan longer. 

Does the spray give off?
When you clean your face or your body for the first time after applying the spray, a layer always comes off. This is the excess spray that has not been absorbed by the skin. After this initial cleaning, the spray does not give off anymore. We do not recommend to spray during the evening, since the first layer could leave stains the sheets of the bed (incidentally, all stains disappear at 100% from your clothes or bed sheets after washing them).

When is the spray dry?
The spray dries within 10 to 15 minutes (or faster with the help of a hair dryer). You can then simply get dressed. Do not exercise or shower intensively during the first three hours. The spray needs time to fully penetrate the skin.

Can anyone use the spray?
Yes, the spray is suitable for all skin types. Even pregnant women or people who are not allowed to stay at the sun or under a sunbed for medical reasons can use the spray.

Can an allergic reaction occur?
The spray is based on natural ingredients, free from parabens, dermatologically tested and meets the strict EU regulations regarding cosmetic products. Until now, we have not experienced any strong allergic reactions, even with people having a very sensitive skin. Yet it can always happen that someone reacts allergically to a natural ingredient. Therefore, always read the ingredients on the bottle before using it.

Are there different colors of the spray?
No, there is only one type of spray. It is suitable for all skin tones. The spray stimulates your own natural color.

What happens if you spray multiple layers?
The more layers you spray, the more you get a tan. If you want a natural tan, we advise to not spray more layers. Do you want a dark complexion? Apply a first layer, wait three hours and clean your skin. The product is then completely absorbed by the skin, so you see the end result. If you still find the complexion too light, you can spray it again.

Can you apply the spray over your make-up?
Yes, that's possible. The spray gives your make-up a natural finishing. But note: if you remove the make-up, the brown color will disappear. Make-up seals the skin, so the spray cannot penetrate in it. On cleansed skin the complexion lasts for 4 to 5 days.

Will the spray turn orange?
No, carotene is not used in the Natural Tanning Spray. This fabric provides an orange color for many tanning sprays. With us you don't have to be afraid of the well-known orange effect.

The spray does not come out of the bottle properly: what now?
This problem can occur if you do not use the spray frequently or for not for a long time. Remove the nozzle from the bottle, rinse it with warm water, let it dry well and then place it back on the bottle. The problem is probably solved now. If not: contact our head office.

Is there propellant in the bottle?
No. We work with a bag-on-valve system: a bag of liquid that is welded to the spray valve. The air pressure ensures optimum emptying of the bag. This is much better for the environment than propellant gas!

“What a great product. The only one at the top.”

Eric D.,

“Top product, spray every week. Became kind of an addiction. But it is the best one.”

Esmeralda W. , Esmeralda's Hair & Beauty Salon

“A self-tanner from Dutch soil without a typical self-tanner smell”


“A self-tanner from The Netherlands soil without the typical self-tanner smell”


“I can't live without!”

Gejanne F.,

“I am very enthusiastic about the MARC INBANE natural tanning spray. He just does exactly what he promises! It is easy to apply (although I do so with such a glove and a brush, I think I will not get the best effect without it), is economical to use, gives a very nice tanned effect, does not smell too intense and it is a Dutch product that also cares for your skin.”



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