Gepubliceerd op: 1 July 2019

Are you comfortable with your skin? Do you have enough me-time, do you exercise regularly and do you eat healthily and consciously? That is important, because whoever takes good care of himself radiates that. The luxurious products from MARC INBANE also give you an extra boost. Allow yourself great wellness moments, resulting in a beautiful complexion.

A healthy look and feel sounds great, but it is difficult for many to achieve. We are still too much led by technology and the rapid pace of society. As a result, we forget what is really important: you! Create more peace, relaxation and breaks. Live easy!

How do you do that? For example, by treating yourself with MARC INBANE. With our care and tanning products, a wellness feeling is created at home. Instead of running past yourself, you allow yourself some quality time. And the result - a beautiful, healthy and natural complexion - also has an effect on your mental health. Happiness radiates from it!

With our tannning products you stay away from the dangerous sun rays. That is better for your skin and for your state of mind. A little bit of sunshine is wonderful and improves your mood, but the heat also means that your body has to work hard. This makes you feel in a hurry, lifeless and makes it harder to concentrate. So enjoy the sun in moderation ... and plenty of MARC INBANE.

“The King among the self-tanners, that's what you might call Marc Inbane's Natural Tanning Spray.”

Natasja, Beautyspots.nl

“In 1 word! SUPER! I really recommend it to everyone! One thing is certain, the customer is central and the team does its best to keep its customers happy! Really a super service!”

Kevin B,

“What do you use on an off-day? “I use the tanning spray from MARC INBANE because with a color and a glow you always shine! Jorik is also a fan and regularly uses my spray."”

Jaimie Vaes - Glamour, Jaimie Vaes - Glamour

“Great product. Easy to apply and very natural brown!”

Chantal M.,

“The best tanning products in the world! Nice natural result and always satisfied customers in the salon after purchase.”

Alex H., Alex Beautystudio

“What a great product. The only one at the top.”

Eric D.,


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