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30 April 2019

Tanned complexion without harmful UV radiation

A tanned complexion all year round? So no stains, no stripes and no orange glow, but a beautiful tan color that matches your natural skin tone. It is really possible. With

24 March 2019


Although not everyone is very happy with having freckles, they do belong to one of the seven beauties. Freckles are so hot that they are even faked with make-up to join

15 January 2019

Oops…What should I do now?

You probably recognize them, those (sometimes embarrassing) situations in which you have no idea what to do to solve them? Of course, something can also happen when you use our Natural Tanning

12 July 2018

FAQ about the Natural Tanning Spray

Is it recommended to exfoliate before you use the spray? Yes, but it’s not a must. A scrub removes impurities and smooths the skin’s for a more even result and longer

12 June 2018

Men and self-tanner, more than a sunny glow

Men and tanning products, is that a bridge too far? Not really. The men’s skincare market has shown significant growth over the past 15 years. Nowadays, every major cosmetic brand has