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MARC INBANE comes this fall with the ultimate gift for the holidays or just for you! With every purchase of a bottle MARC INBANE natural tanning spray (200ml) you now temporarily receive a FREE powder brush wrapped in a luxurious gift set!

Available in limited edition so be quick before we run out of stock!

24 April 2018


Although not everyone is very happy with having freckles, they do belong to one of the seven beauties. Freckles are so hot that they are even faked with make-up to join

10 April 2018

International award for Perle de Soleil

It’s only a few weeks after the introduction and our novelty Perle de Soleil won its first prize! The tanning drops have been awarded by the International Congress of Esthetics and Spa (Paris),

03 January 2018

NEW: Perle de Soleil

MARC INBANE takes an innovative step in the world of tanning cosmetics with the introduction of Perle de Soleil. The official launch is planned for early March. MARC INBANE’s perle de

12 March 2018

Self-tanner in the fridge?

A general debate in the beauty industry is evolving around the right storage of self-tanning: do you have to cool it for a longer shelf life or does it work against

12 March 2018

8 nutrition tips for a radiant skin

We all know that good food is important. An unhealthy diet can affect your metabolism, cause weight gain and it has an effect on some organs like your heart and liver.