Craftsmanship and quality are two of the core values of the MARC INBANE collection. We are constantly developing high-quality products, with attention to details. Our products and packaging, such as our clutch, are put together with care and handmade.


The scented candles from MARC INBANE are hand-crafted and housed in a mouth-blown glass. In addition, the slivers are specially tailored to each individual scent. The traditionally cast scented candle is made from organic wax, so that no harmful substances are released during the burning. The Bougie Parfumée is currently available in 3 scents, with a choice of black or white glazing for each fragrance.

  • Pastèque Ananas (sweet)
  • Tabac Cuir (amber)
  • Scandy Chic (fresh)

The King among the self-tanners, that's what you could call MARC INBANE's Natural Tanning Spray.

Natasja B.,

Fantastic product !! Naturally beautiful brown color! Glad I can sell it in my salon !!

Leida's Hairfashion, Leida's Hairfashion

I can't live without!

Gejanne F.

In 1 word WOW. Super happy :)

Anke P

The best tanning spray!!!

Balou M

A self-tanner from Dutch soil without a typical self-tanner smell



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