The Brazilian-Dutch Rahima Dirkse from Rotterdam was Miss Netherlands 2018 and a big fan of MARC INBANE.

'The Perle de Soleil by MARC INBANE provides a mild self-tanning that is indistinguishable from a real summer tan. Naturally I am already tanned, but in winter I can look pale.'

'Feel confident about yourself. Of course cosmetic products help you to feel beautiful, but beauty is on the inside and that is independent from my appearance. If I feel good, I shine and I am at my best. That is certainly something that my experience as Miss Netherlands has contributed to.'

'After getting up, I prefer to jump directly in the shower to start the day fresh. Cleansing my skin is a standard routine and I use an oil-based cleansing oil and shower treatment for both my face and body. Simply washing with water with the right oil is the trick my grandmother used to do. I have a very dry skin, so no foaming products for me, because then my skin will pull on all sides. Then I brush my teeth, smear my little creams, dress up, style my hair, apply a lick of mascara and go.'

'Basically, I like to have a natural look. I used to suffer from pimples, so I always tried to cover up with a lot of makeup. Now I am blessed with a beautiful and smooth skin and I prefer to go out without makeup. Using a bit of mascara and eye pencil let my eyes speak again. At a photo shoot or a party I like to try more makeup but I am not averse to bright colors. My regular makeup artist at Miss Netherlands is Roxanne Bierhuis and I have received many tips and tricks from her. After a short night, for example, I can quickly suffer from bags and, thanks to Rox, I now know exactly how to camouflage it.'

'I try to make the right, healthy choices. Of course I find french fries very tasty from time to time and I can enjoy chips and chocolate, although I am also very happy with a delicious salad or raw food as a snack. Everything in moderation and no over-consumption is the trick for a good balance.'

The Marc Inbane Natural Tanning Spray has pleasantly surprised me. I usually have doubts, what can such a spray do more than the others? Moreover, I am afraid of spots, afraid of a orange effect (orange undertone). In short, I was a bit wary. The spray itself smells very nice, a bit sweet. I think the result is really great! I did not expect that I would see so much difference with my lightly tinted skin, but it looks like I have had a well-deserved weekend at the beach. It looks smooth and flawless and most importantly: very natural!


I'm addicted to it!

Anne-marie , Just Beauty by Anne

I was introduced to it at the LXRY fair. I couldn't believe it at first, but it's really beautiful!

Renate V.

Super natural brown color!

Lisa E

I have placed 2 orders in a short amount of time and I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your very neat packages and all the work you put into it! Opening the boxes was an experience in itself and puts a smile on my face every time again! Top team with top products!


Super product! Does not turn orange and can be applied evenly.

Ivonne Heffty


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