With summer knocking on our door, we instantly feel sun festival vibes! And this year, you are determined to look good and festival proof. Imagine taking shelter in a soggy tent from the pouring rain, whilst desperately trying to wipe off your worn out mascara with a pair of streaky tanned hands. Absolute nightmare but we’ve all been there, right? Not this year, when you do all your preps before you go. So forget the false eyelashes and washable tan and follow our smart beauty tips to look great all weekend.

1. Eye makeup on trend
You don’t want to find that false eyelash on your cheek at the end of the night, so arrange some wimper extensions a week before the festival to give yourself time to get used to them. It’s somewhat of an investment, but they are well worth the money. They last 2-3 weeks and are well tailored to your natural lashes. Besides, they look much more natural than false eyelashes and are really comfortable to wear.

The fun thing about festivals is to go a little extravagant with your make-up. So experiment and try something different with your eye makeup. Browse the internet to find looks that are completely on trend this summer and let yourself be inspired.

2. Hair inspiration
A lot of colour often seems to be the motto. You spot all sorts of colours at festivals. Find the current festival hair trends and coose the look that suits you!

During a festival, your hair has a lot to endure (one day hair coloring, dry shampoo, beer showers, rain, you name it), so you want your hair in the survival mode to see you through the festival season. Book a three-day blow dry treatment at your hair salon the day before you leave to have fabulous looking hair during the weekend. Or go for a fuss-free, but stylish, hairstyle instead. Your hair then needs at most a little dry shampoo at the hair implant.

Braided hair styles remain popular for the ultimate festival look. With a bit of luck, this hair style will last the whole weekend. A hair tie remains a real hairsaver and will allow you to give yourself a new hairdo with every little hair drama. And keep it moisturized ladies! Use a good moisturizer to protect your hair from the drying effect of the sun. Especially for ladies with curly hair.

3. #festivaltan
Your intention last year was to be prepared and to have tanned legs for the festival season. But now you’re alarmed by your agenda, the festival is next weekend and time is running out. If you’re not able to sunbathe, you have renounced sunbeds but your new festival outfit would match the best when having a beautiful tanned skin, use a self-tanner!

A self-tanner gives a warm sunny glow for 4-6 days (depending on the individual). Tanning experts advise to start using a self-tanner a few days prior to the important event. Want a spray tan? Book that festival tan on time. Tanning has evolved over the years and nowadays you can pick from a variety of shades that compliment your complexion just perfectly, from a light glow to a deep brown Ibiza tan. Mind you, the tan needs time to get the best out of it, so avoid contact with water, sport and perspiration fort he first 8 hours after the spray tan. Most people love their tan on day two. Therefore, our advice would be to apply the tanning spray two days before the festival. Tip: Regular moisturizing will make you tan last longer so be sure to use a good moisturizer (without oils) or body lotion daily.

4. Festival proof nails
A cheap manicure often turns out expensive, especially when carrying your festival tent 2 kilometers across the camping site. So this year you opt for gel nails, which last up to 3 weeks. Gel nails are soft, pliable and flexible and break less easily. In addition, the base layer is like a nourishing coating feeding your nails before the gel is applied and they look more natural than acrylic nails. Just make sure to match the shade of your nails with your make-up and outfit.

5. Feeling fresh till dawn
Smooth armpits = fresher armpits! Shave them regularly and remove all hairs, so that the sweat can’t hide between them. To avoid damp sweat patches in your outfit, do not use deodorant (which disgiuses odors) but an antiperspirant that prevents moisture. This way, you’ll feel fresh all night dancing to your favorite music!

The only extras you need are your besties, sunscreen and your favorite sunglasses. Enjoy!

Photo: ForLoveanLemons.Tumblrcom