It has been beautiful weather for a few weeks! And, if we can believe the weather reports, it will only get better and hotter. The bare legs are allowed to be seen, the flipflops are on and we can enjoy warm, sultry summer evenings. We love it! But, it gets so hot, that the KMNI has issued code orange for the coming days. For example, it is recommended not to exercise outside or to get out of the sun in the heat of the day. Still want a summer tan in a safe way? Read on soon!

Harmful sun rays

If you are in the sun too long and too much (unprotected), it can damage your skin. The sun radiates different light rays. UV-C radiation is the most powerful form, but it is fortunately blocked by the ozone layer. The radiations that reach the earth are the well known UV-A and UV-B radiations. UV-B is still largely blocked by the ozone layer, but when there are no clouds there is still a lot of penetration to the earth’s surface. UV-B is therefore the most important cause of skin cancer. UV-A penetrates easily to the earth’s surface and is the least harmful. Nevertheless, a high dose of UV-A can also lead to skin cancer. It is not entirely unimportant that both radiations also accelerate the skin aging process. Avoid so!


By creating pigment, your skin itself already tries to offer some protection against UV radiation. Your beautiful tan then functions as a parasol for your cells. What can contribute even more to this is our new skin care product Le Teint. Le Teint contains the active ingredient Bronzyl® that stimulates melanin production and thus activates the natural tanning process. In this way it contributes to a smooth complexion and the skin is stimulated to build up its own UV protection. Le Teint is also enriched with UV protection that helps to prevent the above premature aging. In addition, it is still very important in these weather conditions to continue to spread throughout the day with a good, high factor (even when it is cloudy!) and to find the shade.

A perfect alternative for tanned skin

But, by avoiding the sun you will not tan. And we know better than anyone that a radiant tanned skin can contribute to a positive mind and attitude. So do you want to deal more consciously with the health of your skin but still enjoy a beautiful complexion? Then use our Natural Tanning Spray. Our spray is suitable for every skin type and ensures that you can enjoy up to 5 days of a beautiful holiday tan, but in a completely safe way. The product has been dermatologically tested and contains only natural ingredients. With the help of our Glove or Brush you also get a streak-free and beautifully smooth result.

Need to say more? Take a look at our tutorials!

Happy Safe Tanning!