December is the festive month to sparkle and everyone wants to look their best at parties, family dinners and drinks with friends. However, from October it’s easy to forget the goals we set ourselves each summer, quickly transforming our skin from a healthy and radiant appearance to a pale winter skin. Now that the party season has started it’s time to get that glow back to match with your gorgeous new outfit. A great tan does wonders for your appearance in that stunning dress or his smart casual outfit and festive hairdo. Follow these tips to guide you stylishly tanned through the holidays without tanning bed or last-minute trip to the sun. We guarantee you’ll receive wonderful compliments.

Relax and enjoy some me-time
Consciously take time away from stress and take a pause to relax in December. Pamper yourself with a heavenly massage and take care of your skin with a mild scrub and daily use of a hydrating cream. A smooth and supple skin is the best canvass for a flawless tan.

Plan ahead
It’s the most wonderful (and busy) time of the year for shops and salons. Stores present beautifully packaged gift sets, have special December promotions and offer free demos of (tanning) products. Be sure to book an appointment in the diary of your hair dresser or salon way ahead to avoid last minute disappointments.

Pick your best matching shade
We can’t emphasize this enough. Even though it may be tempting to go for that slightly darker shade, a more subtle nuance for a natural look is far more flattering and realistic in December and better matching the season.

If you’ve arranged a spray tan at the tanning salon, apply it 2 days ahead of your party or Christmas dinner. The tan needs time to develop and the showerings in between the ‘tan day’ and your party will really optimize the balance of your tan.

Prefer home-tanning?
Nothing beats a flattering tan and if you’re set to tan in the comfort of your own home, there’s a variety of products suiting every need.

  • A tanning spray (200 ml) can be easily used at home with handy tools like a special tanning glove or brush for even and streak-free results. This allows you about 60 tanning treatments of the face, neck and décolleté, making it an increasingly popular alternative to visiting a tanning salon.
  • If you prefer to gradually build up your tan, choose tanning drops to mix with your day cream or body lotion. Starting from the very first application, you immediately get that natural-looking result and by varying the number of drops you determine the tanning intensity yourself. Like!
  • Do you want a healthy glow without sun or self-tanning? Consider trying specific day creams containing Bronzyl that stimulates melanin production and activates the natural tanning proces which results in a healthy glow after about 5 days.
  • For a particularly festive sparkle use a good skin oil or bronzer. Both offer a nice shine or glow on the skin and, especially when containing very fine shimmers, create that wow-effect at any party, especially when on the arms and cleavage.

All I want for Christmas
That festive outfit and natural-looking glow guarantee you’ll turn heads at any party and feel like the most fabulous version of you.

Not feeling like going out the door anymore? Discover the convenience of online shopping and the products of your choice will be delivered straight to your home. Order here and we will pick your order right away!

Joy to the world. Enjoy the holidays!