Maybe it is not the first thing you think about during this extreme heat wave, but to get and maintain an evenly tanned skin it is incredibly important that your skin is in top condition. Whether you get this brown complexion from a day at the beach or a safer option such as our Natural Tanning Spray, scrubbing remains important to achieve this top condition. Do you want to know how you can shine in your new summer dress this weekend? Keep reading!

Fact or myth?

It is often thought that a scrub will blur your beautiful tan. Fortunately, nothing less is true. During a sunny holiday, dead skin cells accumulate on the skin surface. A treatment with a good scrub removes these dead skin cells, giving your skin a nice shine. In addition, a scrub treatment smoothes your tan and moisturizers and aftersuns can do their job better. Win, win situation right?

What is important when selecting a scrub?

Firstly, it is very important that you use a mild scrub that is not harmful to your skin. Mircoplastics are processed in many scrubs. These are very small granules of plastic that are harmful to the environment and to your skin. Avoid them!

Our Black Exfoliator does not contain microplastics but is blackened by the presence of adsorption particles that are made from natural carbon. These particles adhere to contaminants and have an extremely high adsorbing effect. The natural base of the scrub also ensures that the epidermis is rejuvenated, which increases the moisture-retaining capacity of the skin. The advantages? An effectively cleansed and hydrated skin, which looks radiant and fresh!

Scrub tips

Scrub the skin 1 or 3 times a week, depending on your skin type. Scrub your skin in the evening. Your skin renews itself while you sleep, so that your skin is restored in the morning. Even if you want to apply our Natural Tanning Spray, it is best to scrub your skin the night before. When massaging, note the so-called t-zone of the face: nostrils, chin and middle of the forehead. By scrubbing you remove the top dead layer skin cells with blackheads, and clean your pores (against pimples). Avoid sensitive skin around your eyes.

Take good care of your skin after scrub treatment with a good day cream or moisturizing body cream.