Although not everyone is very happy with having freckles, they do belong to one of the seven beauties. Freckles are so hot that they are even faked with make-up to join the trend. But why do some people have freckles, and others do not? Read below all the facts about those beautiful spots.

  1. A lot of melanin.

Melanin is the pigment that is responsible for the color of your eyes, skin and hair. Melanin makes certain parts of your skin darker, making them act like a sunblock. By some people, this type of protein is evenly distributed over the skin and by others it accumulates, which is expressed in freckles.Because our Natural Tanning Spray colors on your own pigment (light or dark) your freckles become even more beautiful.

  1. Natural sunscreen

When you sit in the sun for a moment, your freckles double and serve as a kind of natural sunscreen. This is also the reason why freckles are more visible in summer than in winter: they protect your skin against UV radiation from the sun. However, do not think that you don’t have to use sunscreen anymore! Freckles can do a lot, but not everything! So don’t forget to use sunscreen (all the time J).

  1. No one is born with freckles

Babies with freckles do not exist. You are not born with freckles. Your skin has to be exposed to sunlight before your freckles appear.

  1. They are hereditary

Freckles are linked to a gene, MC1R, which also ensures the color of your hair and eyes. This gene determines how much melanin you produce and in what form. When you have an active gene, your body makes more eumelanin. This ensures that you have dark hair and that your skin is better protected from the sun. If your gene is not active, your body makes more pheomelanin. This gives you blond hair and a much greater chance of freckles.

  1. Not all redheads have freckles, and not everyone with freckles is a redhead.

Even though this is regulated by MC1R, there are always exceptions to the rule.

  1. Freckles are always cancer free

Many moles are a risk for the development of skin cancer. Freckles, on the other hand, have a 0% chance of developing into skin cancer. Therefore, do not be afraid of an increased chance if you have a lot of freckles.

  1. Witches.

If you had freckles in the Middle Ages, you were often told that you had a relationship with the devil. These people were often also accused of actions. Fortunately that is no longer the case!