This Saturday, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will get married. Royal wedding or not, every bride-to-be wants to look absolutely stunning on her big day. A sunny glow is often a major factor in getting the perfect look, alongside a perfect manicure and wow-brows. Unless your DIY skills deserve an absolute 10, that great looking sunless tan requires excellent preparation for which you might prefer some professional advice. Insiders know that Marc Inbane is the preferred tanning brand used by the make-up artist ánd hairstylist of Queen Máxima of the Netherlands. Therefore, we are happy to share leading tanning expert tips with all brides-to-be.

Women have been using make-up for ages to enhance their appearance. A tan can prove as powerful as make-up for a bride: it can define the bone structure, enhance the natural body contours and camouflage stretchmarks, age spots, sunburn tan lines and uneven skin tone issues. You might find this good to know if you’ve chosen a wedding dress with much skin showing.

Say “yes” to the right tanning shade and dress
You’ll look back at your wedding day photos on many occasions, so make sure you look like you instead of an obviously fake tanned look or a “lovely” shade of terracotta.

Choosing the right shade is crucial for your big wedding day. Tanning has evolved over the years and nowadays you can pick shades that complement your complexion just perfectly. Consult a tanning professional that can recommend the right warm glow for you. First, discuss the dress: what colour, how much skin is showing? If your wedding dress is ivory, use a lighter shade. If it’s a champagne, ecru or off-white gown, a medium shade will match perfectly. A crisp white gown looks stunning on a darker skin tone. You want to go for enhancement, whatever your natural skin tone: taking the skin tone you already have and enhancing it. Brides, keep in mind that the self-tan doesn’t dominate.

Be sure to plan at least two tanning trials at a professional tanning salon. Start with a solution that has a lighter shade and go from there. Once the colour residue is washed off, judge the tan in natural light and inspect the finish on the skin every day. Most brides love their tan on day two. Tip: you might want to plan your makeup trial on that day. Therefore, our advice would be to apply the tan two days before the wedding. The showers between your tan day and your big day will balance the colour on your skin even more. Your husband-to-be won’t even know you’re faking it!

Tanning preps…I do!
Prepping is crucial to ensure your tan looks its best. Before tanning, always exfoliate with i.e. Black Exfoliator, which smoothens out imperfections and results in a longer retention of the tan, and do not moisturize before tanning as this will create a barrier to the tan. Plus: always use a tanning mitt for absolute streak free results. Don’t forget to moisturize well on your Big Day, concentrating on the skin that is showing. And in case of any small breaks in the tan, touch up with a bronzing powder.

Find the right bridal tanning product
Instant tanning products such as body bronzers, coloured sprays or BB body creams might be ideal for certain special occasions, your wedding day isn’t one. They might dry fast and the colour is instantly visible, however, they could rub off on your wedding dress, especially in heat. Therefore, for a bride the best results are achieved with a DHA-based tan.

Try Perle de Soleil for a subtle colour or the award-winning Natural Tanning Spray for that all-over glow. Both, if used properly, will not transfer onto the wedding dress, another crucial element. If you’re not confident applying it on your own, know that the Natural Tanning liquid formula is also used in professional spray tan booths at our authorized dealers. For a salon near you, just pop a question at

Another way to glow is with illuminating make-up on the face and body in areas that wouldn’t rub against your dress (think decolleté, shoulders, upper arms). And just about any complexion would benefit beautifully from a make-up base, foundation and bronzer. For the body? A body oil with shimmers would be the perfect choice for just about anyone who’s already tanned. The result? Stunning body glowing results and a picture perfect skin.

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