Men and tanning products, is that a bridge too far? Not really. The men’s skincare market has shown significant growth over the past 15 years. Nowadays, every major cosmetic brand has a dedicated skincare line for men. A self-tanner may still seem controversial, but in fact is more desirable than ever. Why? A significant number of men use sunbeds. Did you know that one out of three sunbed users is a man?* Men also like a tan and no, he doesn’t have to be a bodybuilder for that. There are plenty of situations where men also benefit from a self-tanner.

1) Because he likes to be active in the gym with a hint of colour
Men also find themselves more attractive when they can show their muscles or six-pack while having a tanned skin instead of a pale skin. And women also find a muscular guy with a healthy tan irresistible, right?

2) To camouflage redness or spots on the face
Don’t be mistaken, a guy also doesn’t appreciate spots on the face or redness on his cheeks and nose. It makes perfect sense that he too acts solution-oriented to make them less noticeable. A tanned complexion has the positive effect that it camouflages the unevenness a bit and a slightly darker colour can make a big difference. An additional advantage: a self-tanner gradually tones the skin so that he can build up the desired complexion in a few days. The tan intensity is entirely in his hands.

3) Because it is the safest way to get a tan
The skin aging process accelerates due to overexposure to sunlight, the risk of skin cancer increases and a tanning bed is not a safe method at all. So, tanning without sun is becoming increasingly popular. Also for men. Moreover, a man finds it handy to be able to create a brown touch himself, without getting sweaty by the sun.

4) Because hair growth does not have to be an impeding factor
It is a misconception that body hair (such as on the chest, abdomen and legs) would be an impeding factor. A self-tanner colors the skin, not the body hair. Also, longer hairs don’t ‘stop’ the self-tanner from reaching the skin properly. However, it is advisable to use a glove: a special tanning glove you can use for an easy and even distribution of the self-tanner (once applied to the glove) onto the skin. A plus: he can also apply the self-tanner evenly on hard to reach skin areas, such as the back of the arms and legs.

Does he want to use self-tanner on the face? The advice is to shave well in advance, to ensure that the skin is scrubbed and dry and that no moisturizer has yet been used. That is the best preparation.

5) The colours of his tattoo look more vivid
A tattoo is applied in the deeper skin layers, while a self-tanner temporarily colors the skin surface. A self-tanner contains dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a substance that reacts with the skin cells on the epidermis. The tattoo can not be damaged and the self-tanner cannot permanently influence the colour of tattoos, though it can somewhat revive the colour of tattoos!

Considering that the colour of tattoos will gradually fade over the years under the influence of sunlight, you  probably like the idea of a self-tanner making the colours look more beautiful, as if they have a healthy glow on it. The ink colours seem to revive. An additional benefit!

Note: avoid the sun and do not use self-tanning products when having a fresh tattoo or, when removing tattoos, during the entire laser treatment period. Stick to this until the skin is completely recovered and crusts are gone.

6) And of course because he also likes a summer glow
Just like you.

If you as a man consider to use a self-tanner after reading this, then you would probably prefer a brand that looks both great and masculine. Have you ever seen Marc Inbane’s collection? Sleek, modern, black and luxurious. You can thank us later 😉

If it feels a bit uncomfortable to buy them in a store or salon, you might want to browse the internet and buy the self-tanner of your choice at a webshop.

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