You probably recognize them, those (sometimes embarrassing) situations in which you have no idea what to do to solve them? Of course, something can also happen when you use our Natural Tanning Spray. But hey no worries, we have a solution for all situations. The most common you can read below.

#1 Discolored hair

Our Natural Tanning Spray only affects the pigment of the skin and not of hair, eyebrows, eyelashes or a beard. Yet it occasionally happens that someone gets orange hair or eyebrows. This can only happen if these hairs have been bleached shortly before, causing a reaction with peroxide. Always wash your hair at least once between bleaching and spraying.

#2 Toddlers

Ai ai ai, you look the other way for 2 minutes and your toddler has sprayed a whole bottle of Natural Tanning Spray over him- or herself. Normally we advise to exfoliate well, but for a child this is of course anything but pleasant. What you can do is to go to a swimming pool. Chlorine dries out the skin so that the “tanned” cells fall off faster.

#3 Broken bottle?

You are ready to give yourself a nice summer glow, is your bottle of Natural Tanning Spray not working! That is of course super annoying, but it may be that your nozzle is blocked. This can happen if the bottle has not been used for quite some time. If you remove the nozzle from the bottle and clean this with warm water, the bottle should work again. If this does not work please contact the salon where you bought the bottle.

#4 Brown clothing

Did you dress too quickly or did you go to bed too soon after spraying? Well, it may be that the spray gives stains. Do not panic! Stains from the spray are 100% washable.

#5 Pigmentation

Do you have dark pigment spots that get even darker when you’ve sprayed them? Then lubricate them with a very thin layer of Vaseline the next time. As a result, the pigment spot is shielded from the spray. Lighter pigment spots will not disappear completely by using the spray but they will get a nice glow so they stand out less.

#6 Green spray ?!

In some very exceptional cases, the liquid coming out of the bottle is green. This happens when the tanning fluid has been in contact with oxygen. The liquid may come into contact with oxygen if the bottle has fallen or has received a hard blow. Our bottle does not work with a propellant but with a bag-on-valve system. This means that the liquid is in an airtight bag on the inside of the bottle. When you press the nozzle, the air pushes against the bag and the spray comes out. After a fall or hard blow, the bag may have broken down causing the liquid to enter the bottle so that the air pressure disappears. Are the above symptoms are familiar to you? Please contact our head office for all your questions.