A general debate in the beauty industry is evolving around the right storage of self-tanning: do you have to cool it for a longer shelf life or does it work against it? Anyone who uses self tanner knows that most brands have storage instructions on the bottle. But does the cooling of the tanner actually extend the shelf life?

Cool down?

The concept behind the cooling of self tanner may have arisen due to the exaggeration of the instructions on the package. Because the product suggests storing it under cool conditions, someone probably thought that an extra cold storage would provide a better shelf life. For the creative way of thinking we should really give a compliment, but unfortunately this is a step too far. By bringing the product in and out of the refrigerator you create a rotation of tempratures. The lack of a consistent temperature will eventually result in a breakdown of DHA, the ingredient that gives you that beautiful summery complexion.


The cooling theory may have been fun, but the end result actually works against it. To get the best out of your product, you follow exactly the packaging of the product in question. To prevent the solution from being compromised, it is important to protect the DHA against heat, sunlight and extreme temperature fluctuations. A perfect place to store the self tanner, and thus also our MARC INBANE natural tanning spray, is really under the sink or in the medicine cabinet.