A beautiful sunny glow remains as popular as ever, but there are dangers to prolonged sunbathing and the use of sunbeds. Unfortunately, each year around 2 to 3 million people worldwide still develop skin cancer. After the treatment of skin cancer one doesn’t have to stay out of the sun, but sunbathing is not recommended, while also ex-melanoma patients want a nice, sunny glow. What to do then? Marije Kruis (34), former melanoma patient and founder of the foundation Spot the Dot, who is committed to raise awareness about melanoma and other forms of skin cancer, can tell you all about it. Read below her personal story.

‘A few years ago I was diagnosed with melanoma cancer and I founded the Spot the Dot foundation to raise awareness about the prevention and detection of skin cancer among young people worldwide. I noticed that there are still a lot of misunderstandings about this subject and I want to start a conversation among young people to make them aware that skin cancer is really dangerous.’ The non-profit projects proved so succesful that Spot the Dot quickly grew into a foundation that now operates worldwide in three languages (Dutch, English and German).

Rebel against skincancer
Skin cancer is among the top 3 most common types of cancer among young people and many young people are not aware of thsi at all. ‘Twenties are the least likely to check their skin, while early detection of suspicious spots greatly increases the chance of survival. This really has to change!’ That alone was reason enough for Marije Kruis to initiate the ‘Rebel against Skincancer’ campaign in 2017 with the Melanoma Foundation. This year, the premium tanning brand MARC INBANE joined as a partner.

‘The support of MARC INBANE is another important step forward in the prevention of skin cancer. Collaborations like this are essential for increased awaraness about the risk of skin cancer because it starts with regular checking of the skin, a small effort during the application of spraytans or other self-tanners. This increases the chance of early detection of suspicious spots, which might spare you of serious misery. The ‘Rebel against Skincancer’-campaign is all about youngsters rebelling against skin cancer and it is fantastic that MARC INBANE supports this project!’

A warm sunny glow despite less sun exposure? It is possible!
‘At first I had all kinds of questions about spraytan. Will my sensitive skin develop an orange fake tan? Will it rub off on my cloths? Will the rain mess up my tan? Will I look like a bodybuilder? Fortunately, all these turned out to be prejudices. I am very happy with my MARC INBANE tanning spray! In the beginning I experienced a little experimenting phase to find the right dosage, especially for someone like me with a very pale and sensitive skin, but I soon got good at it.

To me, a pale skin is also beautiful, but sometimes I just enjoy having a bit of a tan and the tanning spray can be dosed very well with the special glove, so I can also apply a subtle colour. Many people around me find it difficult to give up their usual tan during summer. I advise them to use a self tanner or tanning spray. Personally, I find it important to avoid as many chemicals as possible in skincare products. And I believe it is a real plus when brands also demonstrate that they are socially involved and contribute to initiatives such as this one, increasing the awareness of this theme.

One last tip?
My message to everyone would be to have a fun and beautiful summer and to show your confidence: be a bit rebellious to those who are overexposed to the sun’s uv rays and to those who dismiss the facts about skin cancer. Be a rebel and fight the ignorance! Consciously dealing with your body and skin doesn’t automatically imply that you’ll have a less fun summer or that you won’t look as good. MARC INBANE is a perfect example demonstrating that there is a solution, a brand that is also proud to be able to introduce patients with (skin) cancer and/or certain other skin problems to a sun-safe alternative for a beautiful and warm summer glow.’

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Photo: Marije Kruis by Elisabeth Feldner Photography©