Black Exfoliator

The acclaimed facial scrub based on natural carbon.

75 ml


A richly hydrating facial scrub that gives your skintone a bright impulse and radiating glow. Treatment with the Black Exfoliator prior to a spray tan, smoothens out imperfections and results in a longer retention of the tan.


Effective cleaning

When applying the MARC INBANE black exfoliator, the scrub becomes black due to the presence of adsorption particles, built up from natural carbon. These particles adhere to contaminants such as grease and oil particles and have an extremely high adsorbing effect. This ensures an effectively cleansed skin.


MARC INBANE’s black exfoliator has more benefits. The natural base of the scrub causes the epidermis to be rejuvenated, which increases the moisture-retaining capacity of the skin. This makes the skin more receptive to the skin care products that are applied afterwards.


After cleaning your face apply a small amount of scrub to a damp face. Rub with your fingertips in small circular movements, with special focus on the T-zone. Avoid the skin around your eyes. Then rinse off with water. Use one to three times a week, depending on your skin type.

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