Le Petit

Natural Tanning Spray 50ml + Black Exfoliator 5ml.


Contains the small version of our Natural Tanning Spray (50 ml) and our richly hydrating Black Exfoliator (5 ml).

This duo is easy to carry and ideal to discover MARC INBANE’s natural tanning spray and scrub.


MARC INBANE natural tanning spray (50 ml)

The award-winning natural tanning spray works fast and easy. The natural tanning spray is easy to apply yourself and provides a healthy, natural and evenly tanned skin. The natural tanning spray is developed for frequent use, dries quickly, does not give stains or streaks and is completely safe.

MARC INBANE black exfoliator (5 ml)

A richly hydrating facial scrub that gives your skintone a bright impulse and radiating glow. Treatment with the Black Exfoliator prior to a spray tan, smoothens out imperfections and results in a longer retention of the tan.

How to use

Apply a small amount of scrub to a moist skin after cleansing the face. Rub with your fingertips in small circular movements, paying special attention to the T-zone. Then shake the bottle of natural tanning spray before use. Keep the bottle at about 30 cm from the skin and spray with quick short movements.


A healthy, natural and evenly tanend skin that lasts up to five days.

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