Bougie Parfumée – Pastèque Ananas Black



With highly specialized expertise and infinite precision we have managed to create a new line within the MARC INBANE assortment; BOUGIE PARFUMÉE. An haute couture scented candle to enrich any room with a luxurious ambiance. With the bougie parfumée you can enjoy 50 hours of burning time. The perfect gift to treat yourself or a loved one to a sense of pure indulgence!


The scented candles of MARC INBANE are handmade and housed in a mouth blown glass. Additionally, the wicks are especially tailored to each particular scent. Each candle is manufactured in a traditional way and is precisely hand-poured in layers, creating a uniform distribution of the scent until the end of the burning timeThe bougie parfumée is currently available in 3 fragrances. Per fragrance you can choose for a black or white colored glass.

  • Pastèque Ananas (slightly sweet)
  • Tabac Cuir (wooden)
  • Scandy Chic (neutral / unisex)

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