With the exclusive launch of the Sunstick, MARC INBANE adds a very innovative skin protector to its Award-Winning collection.   

A true novelty especially developed to protect the most delicate and sensitive skin areas. This intensely protective age-defense Sunstick has a high SPF50 factor and is enriched with high-quality ingredients including Bronzyl™, bioactive shea butter & natural vitamin E & C. In addition, the Sunstick has a mineral UV-filter zinc oxide & is 100% free from nanoparticles. Suitable for every skin type, even the most sensitive & available in 5 fashionable colors.   

Ultimate protection & an indispensable item for sports fanatics, children & fashionistas. 



The Sunstick (SPF50) with innovative skin protector features can easily be applied to the most delicate skin zones and the coloring makes a true statement. A new, responsible trend for sports fanatics, children & fashionistas.


Developed with a physical filter zinc oxide & 100% free of nanoparticles. This mineral filter remains on the skin, so that UV rays are reflected, and the sun rays do not hit the skin. Even more benefits of this advanced UV filter:

  • Immediate effect upon application, unlike chemical filters 

  • Suitable for all skin types, so also for people with very sensitive or recently exfoliated skin 

  • Reef-friendly


The colored sunstick protector is an essential item and offers broad & ultra-high protection SPF50 against harmful UVA & UVB radiation. In addition, it is enriched with natural antioxidants and vitamins including bioactive shea butter, natural vitamin E & C and cold-pressed tomato seed oil which boosts your skin condition & blocks free radicals. A natural sunscreen that is both nourishing and very effective.


The stick is enriched with innovative Bronzyl™. This unique ingredient activates the production of melanin and stimulates the skin to build its own UV protection. As a result, the skin burns less quickly and creates a beautiful, bronzed glow under the sunblock.   


Thanks to the high factor SPF50 the sunstick provides optimal protection of sensitive skin areas such as nose, cheeks, eye contours, forehead, ears, scars and pigmentation marks. In addition, it can also be used after cosmetic procedures & skincare treatments or to keep tattoos looking new. The 5 colors can be used for multiple purposes; Ocean Green is an excellent redness-reducer, Blushing Pink is perfect for a subtle blush and Cool White is the ideal color for a neutral sunblock and to protect scars and pigmentation marks.


  • High protection (SPF50) 

  • For face and body 

  • Blocks free radicals 

  • Bioactive shea butter & nourishing jojoba oil 

  • Natural vitamin E & C 

  • Cold-pressed tomato seed oil, rich in natural antioxidants  

  • Bronzyl™ which promotes the production of melanin 

  • 100% mineral filter: 100% non-nano zinc oxide  

  • Broad spectrum UVA + UVB protection 

  • Perfume & Silicone free 

  • Reef-friendly 

  • Dermatologically tested

  • Pocket size 

Available in 5 fashionable colours: Blushing Pink, Ocean Green, Reef Blue, Cool White & Charcoal Black. 


For the best protection, it is recommended to reapply the product every two hours. Especially after swimming, perspiring or drying off. Avoid sun exposure between 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.

TIP: drink enough water, eat lots of fruits and vegetables with carotenes and antioxidants.


Bart Engel – founder of MARC INBANE: “We don't release X number of new products every season, like in the fashion world, every new addition to the collection has to be iconic and unique. Our art is to create a unique composition of premium ingredients & packaging. Our craftsmanship results in an impressive collection of Award-Winning products that is available in more than 45 countries. The collection is used daily & recommended by dermatologists and hair & make-up artists.” 

MARC INBANE is continuously developing to keep its level of excellence and innovation and always applies the latest cosmetic technologies in its products. This strength gives a unique dimension to the character and style of MARC INBANE. 


The King among the self-tanners, that's what you could call MARC INBANE's Natural Tanning Spray.

Natascha B.

The best tanning products in the world! Nice natural result and always satisfied customers in the salon after purchase.

Alex H., Alex Beautystudio

A self-tanner from The Netherlands soil without the typical self-tanner smell


What do you use on an off-day? “I use the tanning spray from MARC INBANE because with a color and a glow you always shine!"

Jaimie Vaes - Glamour, Jaimie Vaes - Glamour

Fantastic product !! Naturally beautiful brown color! Glad I can sell it in my salon !!

Leida's Hairfashion, Leida's Hairfashion

I was introduced to it at the LXRY fair. I couldn't believe it at first, but it's really beautiful!

Renate V.

Super product! Does not turn orange and can be applied evenly.

Ivonne Meyer

What a great product. The only one at the top.

Erik D.

I'm addicted to it!

Anne-marie , Just Beauty by Anne

I've been using it for 2 years...! And still super satisfied..!

Lea M.

Great product. Easy to apply and very natural brown!

Chantal M.

Top product, spray every week. Became kind of an addiction. But it is the best one.

Esmeralda W. , Esmeralda's Hair & Beauty Salon

The best tanning products in the world! Nice natural result and always satisfied customers in the salon after purchase.

Sandra H.

I can't live without!

Gejanne F.

The King among the self-tanners, that's what you might call Marc Inbane's Natural Tanning Spray.


In 1 word! SUPER! I really recommend it to everyone! One thing is certain, the customer is central and the team does its best to keep its customers happy! Really a super service!

Kevin B

Super natural brown color!

Lisa E

The best tanning spray!!!

Balou M

Super product! The best self-tanner that I have ever used, very easy to apply with that glove, does not stick and gives a natural tan. I am a fan!

Kristine V

The Marc Inbane Natural Tanning Spray has pleasantly surprised me. I usually have doubts, what can such a spray do more than the others? Moreover, I am afraid of spots, afraid of a orange effect (orange undertone). In short, I was a bit wary. The spray itself smells very nice, a bit sweet. I think the result is really great! I did not expect that I would see so much difference with my lightly tinted skin, but it looks like I have had a well-deserved weekend at the beach. It looks smooth and flawless and most importantly: very natural!


The best tanning products in the world! Nice natural result and always satisfied customers in the salon after purchase.

Alex H., Alex' Beautystudio

I am very enthusiastic about the MARC INBANE natural tanning spray. He just does exactly what he promises! It is easy to apply (although I do so with such a glove and a brush, I think I will not get the best effect without it), is economical to use, gives a very nice tanned effect, does not smell too intense and it is a Dutch product that also cares for your skin.


A self-tanner from Dutch soil without a typical self-tanner smell


Amazing product! Love it!

Bart H.

Black Exfoliator is really a nice facial scrub especially with small pimples.


Great product, super happy that I can sell this product in our salon!

Chan Ny, De Channerie

Been to the fair in Hardenberg. Super product and SUPER staff!

Anne-marie V

In 1 word WOW. Super happy :)

Anke P.

I want to pay tribute to the products of Marc Inbane. I currently have the normal Tanning Spray and now the Mousse and I am absolutely thrilled :) I love the products and will continue to buy them. Thanks from Germany.


A beautiful self-tanner, pleasant to use and suitable for vitiligo

Laura, Skin Therapist

I received my order today and I would like to thank you for the special gift! Each time, it's a little touch that I really appreciate! Well done for your professionalism!


I have placed 2 orders in a short amount of time and I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your very neat packages and all the work you put into it! Opening the boxes was an experience in itself and puts a smile on my face every time again! Top team with top products!



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