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Tips & tricks

Inspired by fashion from around 1900, MARC INBANE has created several tutorials for its exclusive product line. In this time no pictures, but drawings were used to inform ladies about the latest fashion fads from Paris.

Nowadays more and more classic forms are cast in a modern way. By applying classical elements in combination with modern, minimalist products, the instructions for use have been brought to life in a playful yet elegant way.

The campaign consists of 6 videos, 5 of which are tutorials about different products and a video about our unique bag-on-value system in the bottles of the natural tanning spray.


How to use MARC INBANE’S natural tanning spray?

How to use the MARC INBANE brush?

How to use MARC INBANE's Perle de Soleil?


How to use the MARC INBANE glove?


How to use the MARC INBANE spray for the hands?


MARC INBANE bag-on-valve system